Franchising Introduction

Sultan Ayub is an expanding business, offering a franchising opportunity to the right individuals. As a franchisee, you'll step into the experienced shoes of these established companies. It's your golden opportunity to become the master of your own destiny, without enduring the costly trial and error period that's often involved in starting a business from scratch.

Sultan Ayub has developed a proven system of operation, designed to meet the demands of the modern customer. When you operate a Sutan Ayub franchise, you'll follow their blueprint and receive their ongoing support. Not only will you be able to reduce your risks by using their system, but you'll benefit from providing services and products under their already established name.

Enjoy their integrity to power in the Egyptian and the International markets.

We Support our Franchises: Sultan Ayub has developed a comprehensive support system to help franchisees with everything from start-up and marketing, through day-to-day operations.

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