How do I get started?

The goal of our "Partner Selection and Engagement Process" is to form relationships that will benefit both the Franchisee and Sultan Ayub.

Step 1 - Applicant’s complete the Franchise Application Pack »
Step 2 - Sultan Ayub makes an initial assessment and contacts candidates
Step 3 - Formal interviews are held
Step 4 - An on-the-job experience gives the applicant a chance to evaluate our operational systems and gives Sultan Ayub a chance to evaluate the applicant’s aptitude for the restaurant environment.
Step 5 - Throughout the interview process each applicant develops a business plan. This is a working document and constantly develops to ensure your business starts with a clear road map to success.
Step 6 - The final stage of the process entails training for the candidate. Typically this training takes eight to twelve weeks and covers every aspect the business from making dough to becoming the Restaurant General Manager.